Are you looking to take performance to a new level? Establishing good eating habits, proper exercise technique, and building confidence can all provide massive returns that can be carried forward for years to come. At Pursuit, we are on a mission to empower young athletes to be all they can be, showing them that sports are an excellent way to stay in shape, develop mental fortitude, and are just a blast!

This is Not Gym Class!

When it comes to youth sports performance, ownership is key. Kids don’t need to wait until they’re older to explore what types of sports they love and want to dig into. The fact of the matter is, kids have incredible capacity for learning and growth, especially if you give them some ownership. Allow them to access the right training with positive role models, and they’ll build confidence and enjoyment around sports rather than just learning to dread gym class. At Pursuit, we put special care into our youth sports performance program, taking into account the different levels of skill.

When a kid joins our program, he or she accesses a dedicated sports performance coach who will guide them through the following three areas:

Mental Foundation

Work ethic and character make great athletes, but what does good character look like? What is involved in having a great work ethic? We deliberately focus on these foundational concepts, encouraging and developing what is usually already there. We want your child to know what good character and a great work ethic look like, so we will always lead by example in addition to sharing pointers and helping your child practice good habits. We feel this is essential for sports performance success. We all know any sport has ups and downs. Training is the same way and we make it a priority to make sure that every kid knows that a positive attitude is essential to on field or on the court success. We all know confidence can be huge for kids when they are start playing sports and if they cannot have confidence while training for sports, how can they have confidence while playing their sport? With our positive atmosphere, we will make sure to build kids up in a positive manner that helps boost confidence in all areas of life.

Training Knowledge

Knowledge is any athlete’s best defense against injury and defeat, and we believe kids can understand a lot more than we usually give them credit for. That is why we use fun methods to dive into technique, terminology, and theory, showing our young athletes both the “how” and the “why.” We also focus on what a healthy lifestyle looks like, including the importance of fueling your body right and how far to push yourself. Lifting is a serious thing and in many schools today kids are not being taught the proper lifting technique. This can have long term physical effects and can really limit an athlete’s potential. Our goal is to teach young athlete’s how to train and lift in the correct manner to keep them healthy, safe, and perform at a high level.

Athletic Growth

Kids’ bodies grow and change every day, and they’re in the perfect place to start building foundational core strength and flexibility. We also teach basic weight training and body-weight exercising skills and introduce plyometric, speed, and conditioning bases. All of these activities boost motor skill development, athletic coordination, and instill good form into the athlete’s muscle memory.

It’s Never Too Early to Start Your Pursuit

Our training sessions will increase a your young athlete’s all-around physical and mental stamina to go the distance and dominate every single time they STEP on to the field. We believe that you train like you play; this means that we utilize drills, exercises and techniques that will translate to competition. If they want to jump higher, run faster, change directions more quickly, run stronger, increase your power and explosion, and be an all around complete player then you must combine the elements of speed, strength, endurance, and agility.

We train athletes to be explosive performers, and that can be you. Join the Pursuit in today.