We all want the same thing – to look good and to live a happy, active, healthy life.

If you are on this site right now you are probably ready to make a permanent change. Odds are, you have tried different diets and workout programs and you’re probably a little frustrated. Well I can tell you that I have been there and it sucks. It’s frustrating and it almost seems impossible.

Hi, my name is Samson and three years ago i was in the same place. I was strong and I could exercise but I felt like I was on a constant roller coaster of easting well, and then eating like a jerk. I was exercising sporadically and killing myself with tons of cardio. With a degree in human physiology you would like I would have this process nailed down. I knew it was time for a change.

That’s when I set out to find the answers. But as a husband, a father, and an entrepreneur I knew I had to find balance to be healthy for my wife and kids, kill it in my business, and look great naked of course. Meal plans have never worked for me. With my meal plans in the past they never taught me anything about the food I was eating, how it affected my body, or how much carbs, protein, or fats I actually needed. I set out to learn it all. So much so that now I have helped a lot of people do the same thing and taught others how to coach.