There’s nothing better than training against good competition, on turf or grass, in cleats, while preparing for the season.

Although the weight room has its place, as do treadmills and other assisted training devices; there is absolutely nothing that can replace training on grass and turf.  There is nothing that can replace using in game style drills, that not only test you physically, but mentally.

And there is nothing that can replace training in a competitive environment.


Our Camps are Built on three (3) key pillars:

In Game Play

When you are tired, you default to your level of training. The best way to ensure optimal in game performance is to train like you play. 

Speed Kills

Bottom line, you can’t beat what you can’t catch. The best athletes focus on speed. 

Mental Foundation

We all know any sport has ups and downs. Training is the same way and we make it a priority to make sure that every athletes knows that a positive attitude is essential to on field or on the court success. To be able to think when you are tired, when its 4th and goal, separates the good from the great. 

It’s Never Too Early to Start Your Pursuit

Each Group Training Session is designed to accommodate athletes from college, high school, middle school and elementary. Training sessions will increase a your all-around physical and mental stamina to go the distance and dominate every single time they step on to the field. We believe that you train like you play; this means that we utilize drills, exercises and techniques that will translate to competition. If they want to jump higher, run faster, change directions more quickly, run stronger, increase your power and explosion, and be an all around complete player then you must combine the elements of speed, strength, endurance, and agility.

We train athletes to be explosive performers, and that can be you. Join the Pursuit in today.