“Change is a process, not an event!”

What is up fellow fitness freaks!? I am a Coach here at Pursuit and have been given the amazing opportunity to be able to become part of all of your fitness journeys!

I trained MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and competed in Thai Boxing and Cage Fighting events from ages 15-20 years old… during that time I didn’t  have a coach to help me with my strength and conditioning… so I studied and became a Trainer myself! I fell in-love with helping people reach their full fitness potential so much that instead of fighting in a cage, I wanted to fight for other people’s dreams into become the person they have always wanted to be… not just physically…but mentally as well! Working with me I don’t just want you to appear healthier, I want you to become healthier! What I mean by that is you can only be as healthy as your mind is, so we will work on not just becoming fit on the outside, but fit on the inside as well because nothing challenges your mind more than when you challenge your body. I want to change your complete lifestyle so when you receive results, they don’t just last a few months, they last the rest of of your life! I’m here to help you fight this battle so you are never alone!