I pride myself on my experience. I have been actively training and studying nutrition for 18 years. During that time I have tried it all; and through a lot of trial and error acquired an extensive knowledge that is not learned in text books. That being said, I own a degree in Physiology and I am in process of completing my masters in Sports Nutrition.

Our obesity problem is one that is grounded in a lack of education on nutrition. Most people know little to nothing about nutrition, how their metabolism works and how to eat to reach their goals. The industry is lead by ill educated doctors and supplement companies with an agenda. My mission is to fundamentally change peoples live through nutritional literacy. Its not as hard as everyone likes to make it; and with a little guidance and education you will walk away with invaluable knowledge that will profoundly change your life.

The foundation of my training is grounded in sports performance and bodybuilding. As a competitive athlete (football – Go BUFFS!), speed, size, strength and agility are crucial to your success and vital to increasing athletic performance. I have worked with and under coaches that range from Olympic coaches, power lifting coaches, bodybuilders and dietitians. I played football for the University of Colorado, actively coached and participated in strength and bodybuilding, trained a gamete of athletes in speed and conditioning, and worked with a variety of personal training clients over the last 14 years.

My Passion is to help people reach their fitness goals and educate people on how to maintain their success. There are few things in this world that give me more joy than seeing others succeed and achieve their goals. (Bachelors – Integrative Physiology, N.E.S.T.A, Cross-fit Level 1, Nutrition Sensei)