I’m originally a Nebraskan, but have called Colorado home for the last 9 years.  I have always felt very at home in the fitness industry. Growing up, my mom and dad were very active and planted the seed for the love of fitness in my sisters and I since we can remember. My mom taught fitness classes, was very conscious of her nutrition (and her kid’s), while my dad always lifted and took care of himself.

I was the pickiest most unhealthy eater out of my sisters despite my mom cooking us very healthy and delicious food. If it wasn’t macaroni and cheese or whatever I was wanting for dinner that night, I wasn’t eating it!

Although I felt very at home and comfortable with the fitness world, I did not enjoy going to the gym throughout high school. I was a four sport athlete and had one or two practices most every day with tournaments on the weekends.

Occasionally, to my displeasure, my mom would drag me out of bed and make me lift weights with her. It wasn’t until I went away to play collegiate volleyball that I started taking my own fitness very seriously.

When I went away, my fitness journey became my own, not a chore, not something I was forced to do. I had to choose it for myself. That’s when I realized how much I loved it and how it made me feel strong, confident, and happy.

After moving back home, I pursued my love of fitness and also started coaching club and high school volleyball. Coaching volleyball helped me realize my love of helping and teaching people. I love seeing the look on my client’s face when they finally meet their goals, lift that heavy weight, or finally get the technique right on the movement that were working on! My love of fitness and of people drives me and inspires me every day!

Stay strong and pursue greatness!