Pure bodybuilding was designed with the intent of sculpting your body for a more powerful muscular appearance while still maintaining proper aesthetics. At Pursuit Nutrition and Training Center, our Pure classes focuses on body sculpting, increasing strength, and muscle toning. Using progressive resistance training, our trainers will target specific muscle groups to maximize hypertrophy, which will help build your skeletal muscle, giving you that desired built look.

Although challenging, Pure classes bring numerous benefits to its members. Take a look at how you could benefit from the Pure classes at Pursuit:

  • Increased stamina
  • Improved muscle strength and tone
  • Increased muscle-to-fat ratio
  • Maintained flexibility and balance
  • Improved mobility and balance

Pursuit Pure courses utilize proper exercise performance to increase muscle contraction, helping you build more muscle, faster. Are you ready to try Pure? If not, check out a few of many reasons why you should sign-up for a Pure class at Pursuit Nutrition and Training:

  • Pure helps keep the weight off, for good.  Not only do Pure classes aid in shredding pounds, the workouts included help maintain weight loss, too.
  • Pure makes you stronger and fitter. Part of Pure classes involves strengthening and toning your muscles by contracting them against a resisting force. With isometric and isotonic training, you’ll be stronger than ever.
  • Pure protects your muscle mass and bone health.  The exercises and workouts done within a Pure course will help with stopping, preventing, and even reversing muscle and bone loss.
  • Pure helps you develop body mechanics. Pure classes comes with benefits far beyond nicely toned muscles. Pure helps improve balance, coordination, and posture.
  • Pure can improve your mood and boost energy levels. The exercises featured in Pure classes will help elevate your body’s level of endorphins, which will leave you feeling great.

Are you ready to rise to the challenge? Enroll in a Pure class at Pursuit Nutrition and Training.