Olympic style weightlifting can be simply described as this: getting a barbell from the ground to an overhead position in one or two explosive movements. All of our training is centered around improving performance in the two competition lifts: snatch and clean & jerk. These barbell movements are both the ultimate expression of athletic power, strength, coordination, speed, balance, and flexibility. By building strength and proficiency in these movements, we improve in these physical attributes as well.


The snatch and clean & jerk are the two most technically complex movements in the world of strength training. Therefore, proper coaching is imperative for the development of athletes training in the Olympic lifts. At Pursuit, we emphasize technique and consistency, before we push intensity.


Olympic weightlifting is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. Men and woman of all ages are pursuing strength, longevity, and competition through the sport of weightlifting. Our coaches are not only experienced in teaching the Olympic lifts, but also have substantial experience coaching athletes at competitions at both the local and national level. Whether you’re looking to participate in Olympic weightlifting recreationally, or are a serious weightlifting athlete looking to compete nationally, we can help you get there.