Functional classes were designed to help its members build strength, muscle, function, power, stability, and core development. This class is ideal for anyone who has been training but is looking to refine and perfect their technique for an effective workout. The workouts involved can also be beneficial in recovering from injuries, increasing balance and flexibility. These classes balance a mixture of strength, technique, cardio, and core development.

Functional class workouts utilize the kettlebell, which is one of the most functional and dynamic tools on this planet! The use of kettlebells will shift the focus in furness to a more practical, full-body workout by exercising your muscles in a way your body would use them in everyday life. Functional training prepares your body for the various daily activities you go through. As a result, your body strength and endurance will be maintained and applied across all areas.  

The benefits of functional training go far beyond body conditioning. Check out some essential benefits of Functional classes at Pursuit Nutrition and Training:

Increased Movement.

Functional training exercises are centered around improving your movement patterns, rather than strengthening isolated parts of your body.

Improved Stability.

Exercises featured in Functional classes put more demand on your core than a good amount of other fitness programs and classes, thus providing you extra strength.

Improved Posture.

With the amount of core development that comes with functional training, these classes will help your abdominal muscle strengthen, helping you prevent your spine from bending that is caused by sitting for extended hours.

By adding more functional exercises to your workout, you will begin to see improvements in your ability to perform everyday activities. If you are interested in enrolling in a Functional class at Pursuit Nutrition and Training, check our calendar for the next available session or contact us today!