This is a bodybuilding style chest workout. The focus is on creating enough stimulus through volume and time under
tension to incur muscle hypertrophy. Quality repetitions are crucial to the effectiveness of this routine; and perfect
execution of each rep should be your focus. That being said, this is a good change up routine, but does not account for
your current programs volume, splits and training age. Therefore, use discretion as you see fit, aim for a load that is
60-70% of your 1 rep maximum and email me with questions at

I pride myself on my experience. I have been actively training and studying nutrition for 18 years.
During that time I have tried it all; and through a lot of trial and error acquired an extensive
knowledge that is not learned in textbooks. That being said, I own a degree in Physiology and I
am in process of completing my masters in Sports Nutrition. My Passion is to help people reach
their fitness goals and educate people on how to maintain their success. There are few things in
this world that give me more joy than seeing others succeed and achieve their goals.
In Strength,
Samson Jagoras