Dave boasts an impressive summary of one rep-max lifts, but is notorious for the grind of heavy, hard sets of 8-10 that most people would have stopped at 3: he knows how to work, and his intelligent design combined with his ability to do difficult things has shaped him as a person, and iron athlete.

While most assume he’s grown up playing sports and got into lifting later, Dave started lifting while in high school, and like most things he does, threw himself in 100%.  Over the last 15 years, he’s learned from countless sources, absorbed more information, asked more questions, and taken every opportunity to stretch himself mentally and physically: training has grown him in how he faces challenges, honed his ability to dedicate himself to something, and to grow habits.  He sees these things as ways that training has made him a stronger, more effective person as a whole.  He has been injured, rehabbed, hit massive personal bests, and competed with some of the best in the country, and each of those experiences has left their mark on his approach.  Dave, in his own words, is obsessed with training, and he hopes he can pass on a love of training and body of knowledge to each client he works with. You will most definitely get stronger working with Dave, but you will also grow smarter about your training, and actually learn how to “train” and improve, rather than spin your wheels.  Working with Dave means you’re one on one with someone who has spent countless hours absorbing everything he can about powerlifting, bodybuilding, recovery, and the mental aspects of training, because he knows first hand what an effect it can have on a person’s life.