I am a Colorado native from Golden, CO. I have lived up in Northern Colorado for 7 years now and I love it! I received my B.S. of Sports and Exercise with a minor in Psychology from University of Northern Colorado (UNC) in 2014. After taking a year off I went back to receive my M. S. in Exercise Physiology in May 2017. Go Bears! .

During my time at UNC I worked as a Cancer Exercise Specialist at University of Northern Colorado Cancer Rehabilitation Center. There, I trained clients undergoing cancer treatments, just finished treatment or in remission. That facility is where my passion for helping others through their fitness truly developed. It is fun to watch someone become both mentally and physically stronger.

I have a lot of background as a clinical exercise physiologist. I have worked in health care for the past 5 years. 4 of which I worked as a physical therapy aide and most currently I work as a Exercise Physiologist for Banner Health. Which is also another passion of mine.

I am always looking to better myself and learn more. I want to be the best provider of health I can be, so during my masters program I decided I wanted to learn more about sports performance. For 5 months I lived in Raleigh, North Carolina and her worked as an intern for EXOS Sports Performance as a Performance Coach. I was given the opportunity to work with NFL Pro Day and Draft athletes, off season NFL athletes, Special Forces individuals and coach the youth classes.

Personally my fitness journey started in college. I had played sports my entire life with volleyball being my main focus through high school and part of college. But it was my freshman year at UNC that started it all. I was not in a good mental space. I was unhappy with who I was and how I felt, simply put I was not in a healthy place, mentally or physically. I started spending more and more time at the gym and not only did I see my physical capabilities change but my mental space became a healthy one. I have done many other forms of fitness and love Crossfit, power and Olympic lifting. Being able to dip my toes into all aspect of fitness has opened up the world for me. I truly believe I am a better athlete now than ever was before.

My goal as a coach is teach people that they are far more capable of what they believe. I want people to experience the feeling of “ I can’t do that” to “holy cow I just did that!!!”. Goals are meant to be crushed. So let’s attack both mine as a coach and yours!

Pursue Happy, Pursue healthy.

(M.S., EP-C, Bachelors of Sports and Exercise Science, Master of Sports and Exercise Science: Exercise Science, American College of Sports Medicine Certifed Exercise Physiologist and EXOS Sports Performance Specialist)