1. 9 Factors Involved in Obesity

    Energy Overconsumption Contributors & Causes: Humans derive energy from the food that they consume. Food is required to grow, recover, fuel organs, provide energy for bodily functions, gain weight and maintain weight; therefore it is essential to life.   However, humans do not always eat for survival. Often humans are driven to eat based by the taste of food, the pleasure of food, the conven…Read More

  2. Secret to Losing Belly fat: 3-Step Plan For Eliminating Stubborn Belly Fat & Keeping It Off For Good

    Here is the secret to losing fat on your stomach and legs.  There is no Secret. That doesn’t mean that it is not frustrating. However, it is impossible to win a game, when you don’t know the rules.  There are a few very simple and important things that prevent us from achieving this goal.  Nutrition (80%) + Exercise/Training (20%) = Results That means that exercising is the easy part. Nutr…Read More

  3. Vitamin K, Insulin Sensitivity and Cancer

    As the epidemic of obesity continues to rise more research has been put into the causal results associated with being obese.  One of the major areas of concern and research is cancer. Research has unveiled the link between obesity, insulin resistance and cancer.  It is believed that Insulin/insulin-like growth factor (IGF) system may partly explain this effect. Basically insulin and IGF-1 act as…Read More