1. A Sustainable Food Tracking System 

    LEVEL 1: CALORIES  LEVEL 2: CALORIES + PROTEIN LEVEL 3: MACROS Hyperfocusing on perfection is a recipe for failure. Perfection is not realistic, sustainable, or necessary to achieve results. Whether you’re stuck at the airport, having a busy day at work, or taxiing your kids around, there will be days where adhering to a rigid meal plan and hitting exact macros is just not possible. That’s ok…Read More


    What is your secret crutch? Your go-to comfort food? That one thing that you absolutely crave; midnight ice cream, street tacos for breakfast, or an entire pizza because your stressed? Tempt me with a jar of peanut butter and a tub of moose tracks ice cream and it is game over. I'm a goner. That gooey peanut butter mixed with the sweet ice cream and perfect swirls of chocolate fudge.That right the…Read More

  3. 9 Factors Involved in Obesity

    Energy Overconsumption Contributors & Causes: Humans derive energy from the food that they consume. Food is required to grow, recover, fuel organs, provide energy for bodily functions, gain weight and maintain weight; therefore it is essential to life.   However, humans do not always eat for survival. Often humans are driven to eat based by the taste of food, the pleasure of food, the conven…Read More

  4. 5 Nutrition Tips From the Worst Cook EVER

    5 Nutrition Tips From the Worst Cook EVER What do you eat? What type of recipes do you like? Do you always only eat chicken, rice and veggies? Is cake okay? Is beer okay? These are the most common questions I get asked daily. The list goes on and on. Starting a habit is a lot harder than one thinks BUT once you create healthy habits, maintaining good nutrition isn’t that difficult. When it comes…Read More


    MINDLESS EATING: HOW IT AFFECTS YOUR GOALS & 8 TIPS TO PREVENT IT You know the saying “it's the little things in life that matter the most?” The same goes for eating. Think about it: You walk by the pantry and grab a couple of crackers and a few bites of ice cream that’s been sitting in the freezer staring you down. Later that day, you’re sitting in your office and grab a handful of ca…Read More

  6. Secret to Losing Belly fat: 3-Step Plan For Eliminating Stubborn Belly Fat & Keeping It Off For Good

    Here is the secret to losing fat on your stomach and legs.  There is no Secret. That doesn’t mean that it is not frustrating. However, it is impossible to win a game, when you don’t know the rules.  There are a few very simple and important things that prevent us from achieving this goal.  Nutrition (80%) + Exercise/Training (20%) = Results That means that exercising is the easy part. Nutr…Read More