1. The Underutilized Secret of Abs That Pop!

    How many of us have asked our trainer, fit friend, or the internet.com, “How do you get abs?!”. After asking the age old question, how many times have we heard the tired adage, “Abs are made in the kitchen!” I am sure we have all heard this answer at one point if not many times before. Yes, it’s true. The subcutaneous body fat that covers your abdominal muscles is a in factor in why you …Read More

  2. Why Do We Deload?

    Any legitimate strength program should incorporate a Deload Week. Most programs are usually three weeks hard, one week at 50% or so. The reason we do this is to let the body recover,  so we can continue to lift hard and heavy. It’s been proven time and time again, that Deload Weeks are a huge aspect of gaining strength, but also staying injury free. If this sounds horrible to you and you want t…Read More

  3. Coach Coop’s Food Tracking Method

    Disclaimer: If you are new to tracking calories and macros and are working with a new nutrition coach, do exactly what they tell you to do, in exactly the way they tell you to do it. This article is for those who have been tracking their nutrition numbers for a while with some sort of consistency and are looking to make things more efficient. I thought I would share my method and routine of tracki…Read More

  4. 5 Nutrition Tips From the Worst Cook EVER

    5 Nutrition Tips From the Worst Cook EVER What do you eat? What type of recipes do you like? Do you always only eat chicken, rice and veggies? Is cake okay? Is beer okay? These are the most common questions I get asked daily. The list goes on and on. Starting a habit is a lot harder than one thinks BUT once you create healthy habits, maintaining good nutrition isn’t that difficult. When it comes…Read More

  5. Pre, Intra, and Post Nutrition: Why It Matters

    Pre, Intra, and Post Nutrition: Why It Matters The Importance of Pre-Workout Nutrition Sustains energy Boosts performance Provides the body with circulating amino acids Preserves muscle glycogen, minimizing muscle damage and breakdown Stimulates the release of insulin (anabolic hormone) Aids in recovery What to eat and when to eat it? The main components of a pre-workout meal should be protein and…Read More

  6. Sugar Truths – Is Sugar Addictive?

    Is sugar addictive? If so, is it the glucose or fructose portion? What is the mechanism of addiction? Just about anything is addictive. Whether or not that is positive of negative depends on the context. For example, exercise is just as addictive as Tobacco. Both sugar and exercise produce endorphins like dopamine, which gives us a euphoric bump, that makes us happy.  However, one burns calories …Read More

  7. “Not Your Normal Chicken & Rice” Recipe

    Greek Chicken Bowl I love Mediterranean food! There something so delicious about simple ingredients working together to make a nutritious and filling meal. When it comes to meal prepping, I have a tendency to get stuck in the familiar and make the same thing every week, e.g. sweet potatoes, chicken, broccoli, rice and brussels sprouts.  To break the routine one week, I decided I would go Greek! O…Read More

  8. Back to Basics: Foundational Strength & Training Specificity

    Back to Basics:  Foundational Strength & Training Specificity When I use the term, foundational strength, I’m referring to what many call general physical preparedness (GPP). I don’t call it this to be different, it just makes more sense in my head. In my own words, foundational strength can be defined as this: the prerequisite physical skill-set required to apply force efficiently throug…Read More

  9. No Time? No Problem – 3 Quick “On The Go” Workouts

    Quick “On the Go” Workouts Make sure you warm up properly before starting any workout! Get your heartrate up with an incline walk on the treadmill, light jog, or biking for 5-10 minutes. Be sure to stretch before and after your workout! These workouts are made to be quick and easy, but also challenging and effective. Keep the rest periods short and intensity high Workout # 1 4 Rounds: Body Wei…Read More


    MINDLESS EATING: HOW IT AFFECTS YOUR GOALS & 8 TIPS TO PREVENT IT You know the saying “it's the little things in life that matter the most?” The same goes for eating. Think about it: You walk by the pantry and grab a couple of crackers and a few bites of ice cream that’s been sitting in the freezer staring you down. Later that day, you’re sitting in your office and grab a handful of ca…Read More