1. What are the primary components for a happy life?

    What's up Coach Niko here! August! WOW! I can't believe it is here. Last official month of Summer. I know it has been a weird summer and a lot of things were closed off.  We all are seeing what matters and during this time. I was happy to be able to sit and think about my primary components of a happy life. What was important to us? This is what I choose: Meditation or being centered is the energ…Read More

  2. Intentional Living

    Hey, Pursuit fam! Coach Niko here. I hope you are having a great day. I wanted to talk to you all about... Intentional living and why it is so important. Many times in class you might hear me say, "Move with intent."  There is a reason for my madness. I say this because understanding why you move is more important than the move itself. Let me explain. Knowing why you move is more important than t…Read More

  3. Building a Nutrition Plan Without Counting Calories or Macros

    The purpose of this article is not to dissuade anyone from counting calories/macros or undermining their importance. The purpose of this article is to highlight principles, provide a healthy framework, and teach people how to have autonomy with their nutrition.  We know that tracking calories and macronutrients is a great avenue to reach a desired outcome. Doing so, provides quantitative data, st…Read More

  4. A Sustainable Food Tracking System 

    LEVEL 1: CALORIES  LEVEL 2: CALORIES + PROTEIN LEVEL 3: MACROS Hyperfocusing on perfection is a recipe for failure. Perfection is not realistic, sustainable, or necessary to achieve results. Whether you’re stuck at the airport, having a busy day at work, or taxiing your kids around, there will be days where adhering to a rigid meal plan and hitting exact macros is just not possible. That’s ok…Read More

  5. Neurological Strength Adaptations

    By: Matt Cooper MS, USAW National Coach at Pursuit Nutrition & Training Center “He/she doesn’t look that strong”. This is a common sentiment I hear from those outside the weightlifting/competitive strength world. This has not only been said about athletes I coach, but about myself as well. The general public typically associates physical strength with massive men with traps up to their e…Read More


    What is your secret crutch? Your go-to comfort food? That one thing that you absolutely crave; midnight ice cream, street tacos for breakfast, or an entire pizza because your stressed? Tempt me with a jar of peanut butter and a tub of moose tracks ice cream and it is game over. I'm a goner. That gooey peanut butter mixed with the sweet ice cream and perfect swirls of chocolate fudge.That right the…Read More

  7. Rethinking “Speed” in the Olympic Lifts

    It is a well known fact the the Olympic lifts, when executed correctly, are some of the quickest movements in all of sports. Speed in the extension and transition under the bar are very necessary attributes for a successful lift. While we can all agree that speed is an essential element of the snatch and clean & jerk, I feel there is a lot of confusion on how to correctly generate speed in the…Read More

  8. Testosterone and Obesity

    Clinical research suggests that men with Metabolic Syndrome suffer from lower testosterone levels. Although the main role of stored fat is energy and insulation, fat tissues also produce hormones such as leptin, estrogen, resisten and the cytokine TNFα. There is an inverse relationship between estrogen and testosterone.  Chronically elevated estrogen levels, lead to suppressed testosterone level…Read More

  9. How We Get Stronger: the science and principles of training

    Stronger is better. Period. Regardless of your fitness goals, becoming stronger will always help performance. Whether you want to increase performance in a field sport, weightlifting, powerlifting, or you just want to be able to move better as you age, increasing your ability to efficiently generate and apply force (strength) will help you reach those goals. So how does this happen? Why do our bod…Read More

  10. MF-er!: The Benefits of Myofascial Release and Dynamic Warm Ups

    Hey MF-er, are you mobilizing and foam rolling? Mobility and myofascial release are two things commonly left out of everyone’s exercise routine. We are more concerned about the workout itself and less worried about the prep and recovery. Overlooking this process can take a toll on our bodies as well as our workouts. Preparation and recovery are two essential parts of a workout regimen. Preparati…Read More