Every coach has a story as to why they became a coach in the first place. For me, I have always been a firm believer that when you put the time and effort into something you truly believe in, you will see the results. This is why I am super excited to be working with a staff that truly cares about your well-being and the successes that you will have while being part of our family.

My story starts as a high school athlete who consistently wanted to improve my speed, strength, agility and out work my competition. Through perseverance and persistence I became a collegiate athlete playing softball first at Otero Junior College and then William Penn University. When I went through the William Penn softball program I was intrigued by the strength and conditioning staff. It got me thinking of how these trainers developed our programs and it brought up the “whys” of what we do and why we do them. This was when I truly knew what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I wanted to coach, teach, coach and learn all about how the body works. I wanted to know how we shape our bodies into the best it can be through exercise, nutrition and life skills. I continued my education at William Penn after I graduated with a degree in exercise science: emphasis in strength and conditioning. I went to graduate school for two more years at William Penn studying Business Leadership. While I was in graduate school I was working as a graduate assistant coach in the strength and conditioning department. I grew through those two years as a coach developing performance based programs for women’s soccer, basketball and cheer. I also helped with softball, baseball and men’s basketball. After finishing My masters degree . moved back Colorado where I found myself loving the culture of the people and the drive of healthy lifestyles. I am excited to continue my journey with pursuit.

My background consists of performance coaching starting from middle school ages all the way up to collegiate level athletes. I have also worked with a few professional athletes in passing. Even though my specialty is performance based I have always had a passion to help our general population learn how to better themselves and live healthy lifestyles through exercising and nutrition. My passion is to teach others how to shape their mind, body and soul into the best it can be. I’m super excited to be working with individuals who are wanting too make a change not only in their body but also their lifestyle. Are you ready for the challenge? I know I’m ready to change your life!

Looking forward to working with each and everyone of you!

BA in phyisical education with emphasis on strength and conditioning, MBL in Business Leadership,(during this time was a GA for the strength and conditioning department) SFG Level 1