1. Co-ingestion Of Carbohydrates Post Training: The Impact On Muscle Gain

    There is an extensive debate in the nutrition and fitness community about whether or not high carbs or low-carb diets are superior. This conversation has digressed into an argument that lacks context and has resulted in arguments for both camps. In order to have a productive and meaningful conversation, we must align the discussion with the goals of the athlete. Power and bodybuilding athletes are…Read More

  2. How To Maintain Your Gains and navigate through Thanksgiving

    Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving? Good company, good food, and even better dessert.  It’s all fun and games until you end up in a self-induced food coma and need to be rolled away from the dinner table. We’ve all been there. Then the next day comes around and we’re faced with that moment we all dread…. Stepping on the scale after that epic cheat meal. You then get eaters remorse, feel like…Read More

  3. Sitting All Day? A Survival Guide

    Whether you're fresh out of college and used to trekking around campus or you're leaving a job that requires you to be active, adjusting to a sedentary, nine-to-five job can be really difficult. Many work places try to bring natural light and beneficial elements in, but getting trapped at a desk for eight hours every day can feel like a legitimate threat to your sanity, especially if you depend on…Read More

  4. Eurycoma Longifolia As Natural Testosterone Booster

    An objective review of the mechanisms by which E. Longifolia acts to raise testosterone Samson Jagoras Natural Therapies: Herbology & Detoxification: NUTR06102 Robert T. Davidson, PhD August 6, 2017   For years Malaysian Ginseng (Eurycoma Longifolia)  has been prescribed as an alternative medicine to raise testosterone levels and aid in erectile dysfunction naturally; however, the scient…Read More

  5. What Do Fitness Success Stories Have in Common? Part 2

    Getting fit and achieving your lifestyle goals is an incredibly personal, emotional, and life-changing process. It looks different for every single person, and the people who are able to discover what really works for them are the ones able to maintain a consistent lifestyle. In our last blog, we discussed some of the tactics and habits that the people in success stories have in common. We wanted …Read More

  6. What Do Fitness Success Stories Have in Common? Part 1

    Everyone is looking for that one single thing that will give them the body they want, but, like most things in life, losing weight and achieving the lifestyle you want isn't always simple. At the end of the day, the main thing in-shape people have in common is that they've tried a bunch of different things and traveled a difficult road to get where they are. However, there are a few additional thi…Read More

  7. 5 Ways You’re Holding Yourself Back – Part 2

    Do you feel like you just can’t finish anything you start? Do you feel like you can’t even get started in the first place? You aren’t alone. In our last blog, we discussed two ways we hold ourselves back and how to fix them. Today, we are finishing up with three common personal pitfalls. Do any of these sound familiar? Talking yourself out of it Oh boy, do we know this one. It is the rare pe…Read More

  8. Vitamin C and the common Cold

    Every spring, when the allergy colds strikes, the sale of vitamin C supplements increases.  On every desk in a America you find supplements like emergen-c and citrus tea being guzzled by the gallons in an attempt to prevent or stave off the lurking cold.  But according to research,  you are going to get the cold whether or not you take Vitamin-C; however,  the studies show that when taken duri…Read More

  9. Iodine plays a major role in regulating thyroid function, in turn supporting a healthy metabolism and growth

    Iodine plays a major role in regulating thyroid function, in turn supporting a healthy metabolism and growth. Unfortunately, many adults don’t consume enough iodine-rich foods to begin with; but then move in “diets” in an attempt to lose weight and further restrict their intake of iodine rich foods.  An area of particular interest is the reduction in T3 during low carbohydrate and low calor…Read More

  10. 5 Ways You’re Holding Yourself Back – Part 1

    At Pursuit, we understand how we can be our own worst enemies. In fact, we probably understand it better than anyone you know. You may look at our certified personal trainer team and see a bunch of people who have it all together, but we’ve struggled and wrestled with our own demons. In fact, we still have to work hard to get out of our own way every day. That is why we called our gym Pursuit. W…Read More