Athlete classes at Pursuit Nutrition and Training Center are designed to build muscle while strengthening and maximizing athletic performance. Our Athlete classes follow a cyclic program that helps organize approaches, protects against overtraining, and enables athletes to improve continuously. This class focuses on the stages of muscle building, strength, and athletic performance. As a member of this class you will see:

Proven Results

The coaches and trainers at Pursuit help members and athletes focus on results. This reduces the valuable time wasted on unproductive and inefficient workouts.

Proper Techniques

Executing exercises correctly is crucial for getting the results you want. At Pursuit, the combination of strength, endurance, and skills will help athletes stay ahead of the competition.

Injury Prevention

Our professional trainers will work with athletes and members to not only teach them the proper techniques, but to prevent injuries by increasing balance, core strength, and flexibility.

Each 90-minute Athlete Session includes a mixture of:

  • Bar and dumbbell work
  • Hypertrophy work  (Strength building and muscle)
  • Auxiliary work ( Muscle balance)
  • Isolation work (Improvement)
  • Conditioning / High Intensity Interval Training (Metabolism build and fat burn)
  • Performance Training (plyometrics, speed training, jump training, agility training)

The demand of sports and physical activities are constantly improving. At Pursuit, our athletic program improves members and athlete’s, strength, speed, power, quickness, agility, and activity-specific endurance. While building a lean athletic physique.

How Pursuit Athlete Classes Can Benefit You

Our program is designed to provide numerous benefits for the members and   athletes enrolled. Athlete classes are specifically designed to improve important factors like:

    • General preparation and specific preparation for physical activity
    • Fatigue management, reducing the risk of overtraining by controlling factors like intensity, load, and recovery
    • Optimized athletic performance over a specific period of time
    • Self-accounting, including time restraints, environmental factors, and training age and status

If you are looking to strengthen and improve your athletic performance, contact the coaches at Pursuit Nutrition and Training Center. Our Athlete program is designed and run like a true strength and conditioning training program, constructed and tailored towards athletes.