Nutrition is the most fundamental piece of a healthy life, and health is part of a happy life. People want to look and feel good about themselves, and there is a certain level of confidence that comes along with a fit physique.

The desires of gym-goers and dieters desires are ultimately the same thing: to change the way they look. However, the most crucial piece of changing the way you look is by properly managing your nutrition. They say that abs are made in the kitchen and that nutrition is 70 percent of the equation to successfully building a fit body, yet the number-one overlooked element in everyone’s program is nutrition.

Traditional gym models and supplement companies have built their businesses on exploiting people’s ignorance. Traditional fitness clubs are set at a low price and sell a high volume of memberships, knowing that 85 percent of their members will not show up. Supplement companies and fad diet companies have exploited people by pimping products and magic pill ideologies on the 85 percent of the populous, who is ignorant. This cycle of lies leaves people frustrated, discouraged, and stuck in a constant battle with their self-image. 

The reason that diets, supplements, and gym memberships have all failed people is they are only a small component to complete health. Typically, diets and gym memberships are thought of as the path to a final destination. In reality, the pursuit of health, fitness, and an ideal physique is an eternal process. If we intend to change the industry and make a real impact in our members’ lives, we must make nutrition and training a congruent solution. In turn, our members will perform as well as they look and develop the skills necessary to maintain their health and fitness for the rest of their lives.

Guiding Principles

  1. Nutritional literacy changes people’s lives, and our mission is to educate people so that they can sustain balance, changing their lives forever. Nutrition first; exercise second.
  2. We are in the people business. We must love and embrace the challenges that come along with people, working with all different types of individuals.
  3. Have fun and stay a little bit weird. People are weird, and our fitness trainer team loves weird.
  4. Embrace change. We are here to help you reach your goals no matter what it takes. 
  5. We are a more than just a nutrition coach or a fitness gym, we are a life coach. Positive coaching supersedes negative feedback and inspires others. Education and motivation, equal results! We promise.

Let us show you!